Call 2 Come

the Spirit and the Bride say 'Come' Rev 22:17

Call 2 Come

the Spirit and the Bride say 'Come' Rev 22:17

The Call2Come Conference in Bienne, Switzerland Oct 2016

The Ministry trip to Malaysia Aug 23rd to 6th Sept 2017

We had been to South East Asia before but that was to the Philippines to minister for our Call2Come Representative there Pastors Armandos Peter Beliganio and his wife Pastora Susan. That was in 2013, 2014 and 2016. On all these occasions we had seen the Holy Spirit move in tremendous power as He baptised so many in fire.

This time we were ministering in Malaysia and sharing a conference with Pastor Reggie Lee of Malaysian Chinese descent but currently living in Luton England.

He had invited Howard to share a Conference with him on The Kingdom and the Bride and he shared about the Kingdom and Howard shared about the Bride.  There were two conferences back to back ….one in Penang on that beautiful island and the other in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city. Pastor Reggie very kindly showed us around the beautiful Island of Penang a rare treat since we usually have very little time to sightsee. Malaysia is indeed a really lovely country.


One day we went up cable car (Funicular) and saw the island of Penang us.


The influence of the country’s Malay, Chinese and Indian origin has created a diverse and fascinating culture demonstrated wonderfully in its Art and delicious cuisine. People in Malaysia eat only once a day which seems to tart at breakfast time and continues till very late at night. The variety of tastes and textures is tantalising and ‘when in Rome do as the Romans do…….needless to say we came home to England a little heavier that we went. It was wonderful!


Delicious cooked food is so easy to buy. It seems so cheap and is readily available on every street corner or open space. Malaysians specialise in eating places of about 50 to a 100 small stalls of freshly cooked Malay, Oriental or Indian hot curry food. The choice is vast.

The Conferences in both Penang and Kaula Lumpur went very well and people seemed very blessed and challenged by these end time messages. Reggie was skilfully presenting a biblical and rational argument for the Kingdom of God and its authority and influence being the answer to the world’s needs and Howard was encouraging everyone to embrace their End Time identity as the Bride demonstrating that the Bride is the central theme of scripture and that She and She alone has the authority and anointing reserved for Her to fully bring in the Kingdom.

We were delighted and surprised to hear the worship leaders at the beginning od the last session lead the assembly in singing a song in which they sing….”And the Bride has made Herself Ready” and then they all sing the cry “Come Lord Jesus” since this is usually the place we hope to bring everyone to when in unison with the Spirit the Bride cries Come! That for us was the affirmation from the Lord we needed to hear. Prophetic dancers accompanied the worship.


We met some wonderful friends such as the worship leaders Anisha and Bryan Longridge and Howard received a gift of a hand made embroidered new Shofar bag given by one of the other shofar players.


After the Penang conference and before we moved on to Kaula Lumpar for the second one I was invited to preach at Penang First Pentecostal Church on the Sunday. This awesome building has been completely paid for by the church member some of whom sold their home, and down sized in order to raise the capital to pay for the building costs. I was invited to preach there for the three services that day.

God moved in mighty power healing anointing and baptising many in the Holy Spirit as He moved sovereignly amongst us.

The Holy Spirit moved so powerfully we both fell over. We laughed so much. God is so good.

Prophetic Action

In both Penang and in Kuala Lumpur we were led to prophecy and blow the shofar underneath a prominent public clock in the city centre and to declare that the Time and Season of the Bride had come bringing alignment between the Times and Seasons of Malaysia and these two cities with the Times and Seasons of Heaven.

Here we are in Penang at the central clock blowing the shofar to alinging the Times and Seasons of Penang with those of Heaven. Time is short and prophecy regarding the end times are fast being fulfilled. When we finished prophesying here we looked at the clock……it was the ‘eleventh hour’…..very prophetic indeed!


Prophetic Action with the Shofar under the clock tower in Penang and again in Kaula Lumpur


On our final days we were privileged to visit the Malaysian House of Prayer high up in the mountains overseen by our good friends Vinsie and Philip Marc Lee and also attend one of their prayer cells in Kaula Lumpur. We felt the presence of the Lord so powerfully during that time.

       Vinsie leading the way to the prayer tower and the view from the top.

We now took the journey back to the airport and home to our families in the UK. It had been a powerful time of receiving and giving. We heard once again ‘Mission Complete’ for now but we knew that we would be soon returning to bed down this message of the Bride into the hearts and minds of His Church Leaders here in the wonderful nation. Hopefully in 2018 next year

The Mission to Colombia June 21st -July 3rd 2017

Early in April 2017 Pastor Alvaros Berrios of Nicaragua wrote to us and invited us to join him in Colombia South America at a conference of Youth and Youth Mission Trainers. This was scheduled for June 2017. I had been friends with Pastor Alvaros of Nicaragua for several years and had been planning to minister for him in Nicaragua at a Conference on Unity and the Bride but so far had not been able to do so. This was an opportunity to move into South America which was not to be missed.

Although the event was not particularly about the Bride we felt sure the Lord wanted Call2Come to take part and then see what connections He would build for us for the future in S America. Pastor Henry Lopez who directed this Youth Missionary Training school in Colombia had for years been successfully following a vision to take disadvantaged and troublesome youth into his and his wife’s care and provide for them a sound Christian Education and Missionary Training. He has seen the Lord save them and transform them and build them into an army of dedicated Youth Missionaries. Call2Come was blessed to be a part of his conference and of course a joy to work close with Alvaros Berrios.

Pastor Alvaros and his wife

Howard was given a young man of God Kenneth Mendivelso Tijo to translate and inerpret for him.This was of Gods doing.


Pastor Alvaros and Kenneth Tijo and other S American delegates at the hotel/conference centre.

Dr Howard and Kenneth became very close friends and stayed together as ‘Jonathan and David’ for the rest of the Mission. Kenneth is now being prepared as a young prophetic apostolic leaders in Call2Come. He has a passionate desire to raise the Youth as an army of Prophetic leaders who know their Bridal identity, mandate and anointing.


There were Christian Leaders from many South American nations ….Uruguay, Paraquay, Argentina, Venezuela, were also present. In addition there were about 80 youth from Colombia who just loved to worship.

Alvaros contribution at the conference was to encourage everyone to reach for a deeper experience of Christian Unity and warn those attending of the judgement of God coming upon the corruption and self seeking agendas within the Church today.

Howard’s mandate was to share about our End Time Bridal identity and how everything is all centred around Jesus deep desire to awaken His Bride to whom she is and to see her get prepared for the Wedding of the Lamb that He is returning to earth to take Her to. He showed how all  missionary activity and evangelistic outreach was to be seen in this context because reaching the lost for Christ is to offer them Salvation and so offer them inclusion in His greatest of all creation….His precious Bride.

It was so good to be together for these days of teaching and many both young and old received these new challenging revelations with joy. There was much love and humility around and great unity and grace. At one point a dear brother invited us all to sit and allow him to wash each of our feet.


It was such a moving experience

Howard was asked to pray and minister the Holy Spirit to each person and the Lord moved powerfully amongst us.


The Holy Spirit baptised many in power and fire

Conclusion and climax: The Lord takes us by surprise

Normally at the end of a conference we plan to have a plenary or a ‘Where do we go from here?’ session. This time the Lord Himself orchestrated it and took us  by surprise. I was sitting in the circle of the leaders from the many South American nations represented at the conference and I heard to my delight the chairperson declare that he felt strongly that the message of the Bride was the ‘now’ message for the Church today and that this was the Time and Season for South America to receive and embrace this message. More than that, he suggested that a conference declaration be written and signed by everyone stating that belief and declaring their intention and their commitment to spread that message throughout the S American Continent. This was agreed, the declaration was written and signed by all present.

We now need to discuss how that is effectively to be done and we at Call2Come have offered to 1) make available our teachings to each of the leaders or group of leaders, with the full script in Spanish and Portuguese and 2) each accompanied with a Power Point Presentations. 3) to link them up to our website and the Live Streaming Training programme on the website, beginning in January 2018. See

This is also available in a Live or recorded version on the website or on Facebook and WhatsApp Social Media platforms.

We are also willing to visit each nation and share what God has revealed to us about His eternal purpose and the Bride of Christ.

We felt that this ministry trip had certainly achieved its goal and returned to the UK very satisfied.

Rwanda, Uganda and a return to Kenya, May 2017

It was good to be ministering in East Africa again.

Rwanda    May 6th – 9th

We began this three nation mission in Rwanda flying in via Kigali and staying a few days with our dear friend and Call2Come Representative in Rwanda, Rev Norman Desire. It was good to be in his home and with his family again.


We were also blessed to attend Omega Church with him on the Sunday and once again meet their pastor, Pastora Lilose Tayi where we had in July of 2016 shared the ‘Rwanda in the Hands of the Lord Prophetic Conference’ with Apostle John Mulinde of The Trumpet Mission.

We had to return to the UK after this three nation mission via Kigali again and to meet members of the Rwandan Intercessors Network of which Pastora Liliose is a key leader, to discuss our return to Kigali and run an Awakening the Bride (Call2Come) Conference in the near future. The meeting we subsequently had was very profitable and we await further developments.

Uganda May 9th – 16th

From Rwanda we crossed the border into Western Uganda on the 8th May to speak at Rev Medad Buringi’s Healing of the Nations Conference in Rwentoba called Awakening the Bride of Uganda.

Both Howard and Mike had ministered in Uganda the previous year and had seen the Lord move in power. The son and daughter of a local witch doctor had received Christ and the witch doctors daughter was healed of deaf and dumbness and delivered from the consequence of demon activity.


We also were able to dedicate the foundations of Pastor Peter’s new Church building in Bushenyi,  a town not far from the Conference ground.


This conference was scheduled for May 10th to the May14th. It was an open air conference and about an estimated 20000 people met together for three days to listen to us bring the message of The Bride….The Church’s true End Time Identity. They had gathered from throughout Uganda and various other nations. We even had an Apostle from India who came as a delegate….Apostle Alwyn Joseph

We believe that the Conference was well received and set a good foundation for this ‘Call2Come Movement’ in Uganda and East Africa. Many friendship were made and invitations to minister in the other nations represented at the conference have developed since. We give God all the glory. Not only was the message of the Bride delivered but we had the opportunity to minister healing and deliverance to many people throughout the five days.

Kenya 17th – 29th

From Rwentoba in Western Uganda we took the bus to Bungoma in Western Region Kenya. There is a Time Out Mission Church there which doubles up as a Call2Come Training Centre under the leadership of Apostle Martin Kwanusu. He is a member of our International Call2Come Team.

It was so good to see him again and to hold a three day conference on The Bride at this centre. God had given to Mike a profound prophetic Word for the nation and for East Africa in general and we were led to declare that Word during the conference and to do so in the context of opening a court in heaven with great solemnity and reference. The Spirit led us to pace out on the ground within the Church building a space 20 paces by 20 and anoint the ground at the four corners with Oil of Esther and so sanctify the land in order to proclaim the prophecy.

Howard blew the shofar and announced the Court Room open. Mike declared the prophecy and when it had been given announced the Court Room closed.

Please see the prophecy on the website where it is posted separately under prohecy for East Africa.

This declaration was so significant since it came at the time when Kenya was about to hold its national election for a new government.

From Bungoma we travelled to Kisumu to hold another Bridal Conference organised by Apostle James Samo, our Call2Come Representative there, and his team in Kisumu and the large Network of Pastors he oversees. It was wonderfully successful and resulted in the establishing of yet another Call2Come Training Centre there.


Some of the delegates                                 The oldest delegate well into his 90s

After the few days in Kisumu we returned to Bungoma and then travelled deep into Masai land to Lo lgorian in the Masai Mara. Pastor Amos a Masai and his team met us and showed us the large church he had built and shared his vision for a ministry centre amongst the Masai. We had a wonderful three day conference about the Bride and Bridegroom and the End Times and met some wonderful spirit filled disciples of Jesus.


Inside the Church                        The Masai land viewed from the Church



Pastor Amos was so blessed and offered his lovely church building as the first Masai Call2Come Training Centre. All these centres around the world will be able in January 2018 to link up together if they chose and with our Live Streaming Broadcasts via our website so that they can hear us teach live from the UK on the Foundation Course about the Bride that we have prepared. Those who complete the course can be accredited and become one of the growing army of accredited Call2Come ministry teachers.

The Masai received us so warmly. We even learnt to dance Masai style and received many Masai gifts.


The visit to the Masai Mara concluded with a crusade in the market place where both children and adults accepted Jesus as their Saviour…..Praise God!

The following day we caught the coach to Nairobi and stayed the one night with our dear friend Pastor Benson Ng’amg’or. Then it was off to the airport and home.

Call2Come Conferences in Tanzania 17th Sept to 14th Oct 2017

Both Mike and I had been to Tanzania before some years ago and for me it was here that the message of the Bride first crystalized for me as I delivered it. I remember it so well. I had been invited to a conference run by Dr Mauza of Tanzania and Pastor Howard Sands of Australia, overseer of the BFTF Network. This was in 20  but I was receiving so much fresh download of revelation from heaven about the Bride, even as I taught, that the translater interrupted me and called for a rest because she was being so impacted with new truth just as I was. After that visit Dr Mauza became our national representative and a good friend and now I was back.

But this time the message had become more grounded in scripture and I returned with a clear mandate to bring the message of the Bride to this nation.

Dr Elias Mauza had journied with us ever since that first visit in 2012 as the National Representative for Tanzania and now had invited me to speak at a number of conferences and meetings both in and around Dodoma and in Dar Es Salaam.

Dr Elias Mauza in the brown suit meeting me at the coach station.

However at the last minute my proposed ministry schedule for Tanzania had changed since the Lord had spoken to me quite clearly instructing me that I was to go to Israel three quarters of the way through the Tanzania programme…”For I have some prophetic work for you to do there”.

“But I’m in Tanzania at that time”, was my reply.  “But you can go for a day ….can’t you?” He said.

And so it was that my mission to Tanzania was interrupted for just one day as I flew to Tel Aviv and back to Tanzania within the 24 hours on the 8th Oct, in order to complete my programme in this East African nation.

What happened in Israel was amazing and is reported in a subsequent post. I was to have a meeting with Tom and Kate Hess and also to blow the shofar and make a prophetic declaration …”firstly on a high place that I will show you and secondly under the Clock Tower in Old Jaffa in Tel Aviv”.

The Tanzania Mission

Actually I arrived in Dar Es Salaam,Tanzania a few days before Dr Mauza’s programme began in order to meet Dr Benard Etta of the Global Faith Coalition and travel with him to Dodoma to speak His Conference after which Dr Mauza’s programme of conferences would begin.

It was good to meet up with old friends including Dr Etta, Dr Madhu Krishan from India. Dr Sam Ojukwu from Nigeria and Dr Benjamin from Uganda. Many new contacts were made for future Call2Come programmes.

The Global Faith Coalition conference went well and many people wanted copies of the Call2Come Bridal teaching.

Dr Mauza’s conference was held in the Masai region and as well as speaking at his conference I went deep into Masai territory and met the Masai chief who honoured me by presenting me with a Masai cloak and making me an honorary Masai chief.

A Call2Come Training Centre was established at the Church where the conference was held and the Pastor there promised to oversee the arrangements and take the training course himself when it comes online in January 2018.

Before I returned to Dar Es Salaam to catch the flight home I had some more prophetic action and declaration to perform in Dodoma. We wanted to blow the shofar at the War memorial in the city and also beneath the clock tower of the Sikh Temple which is at the major roundabout in the city centre. This was the tallest and most prominent clock in Dodoma. Once again we were led to blow the shofar and announce that this is the Season of the Bride and to bring alignment in the Spirit between Tanzania’s time and the times,seasons and purposes of Heaven


At the Dodoma War Memorial

                           Myself with Sister Jennifer who did much of the translation for me

                                      Beneath the Clock at the Sikh Temple in Dodoma.


Pastor Daniel leading the intercession at the church near Dodoma University and where I taught at an Awakening the Bride seminar. His wife Pastor Rose became a member of this movement’s Group of 84 Intercessors and Pastor Daniel a member of the Tanzania Steering Committee for Call2Come Tanzania. I also was wonderfully attended to by a young man called Francis Asagwile who took care of every need. Francis is also a very capable computer operator and programmer and is exploring for us the possibility of creating a Call2Come Magazine that can be translated into Swahili and other languages and distributed throughout Africa. If successful it could be translated in many other languages and used throughout the world. Now that’s exciting! Its also a good publicity tool and an introductory document which can be available at our conferences.

For the last week of the months mission after returning to Dar Es Salaam from the day in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv,  I spent a few nights in Sister Jennifers home and the rest of the time in a lovely small Boarding House but working all the time with Pastor Nathaniel who had been with us throughout the months programme. I ran a seminar on the Bride at his own Church, and he arranged for me to meet Bishop Mumbe and his son Evangelist Yakobo Mumbe leading men of God in the area. Bishop Mumbe has a lot of influence and a big church and has offered to join Pastor Nathaniel and Dr Mauza in arranging a united Church Call2Come Conference in Dar Es Salamm for the new year 2018. We praise God for their love and offer and will seek the Lord as His will and timing.

Pastor Nathaniel introduced me to one of the churches he had planted and the wonderful lady Pastor who was overseeing it. She has now become a keen supporter of Call2Come and is one of our committed Intercessors. I spent two evenings with this church sharing about the Bridal message. They received it deeply with such conviction revelation and joy. That was demonastrated by their wonderful praise in the celebration.

That last week seemed to go by very quickly. We had made such good deep friendships and established a firm Call2Come base in the two main cities of Dodoma and Dar Es Salaam. We had had an executive meeting in the office of Bishop Kuwawayaya, a bishop in the Evangelical Anglican Church of Tanzania who is on the Executive committee which was very profitable in discussing the way forward for this Movement in their nation. They were very keen to have us return next year in 2018.

It had been a very successful mission…..a long one but a good one……but it was good too to be going home to Tricia and family and grandchildren once again.

A brief but prophetic one day visit to Israel 9th Oct 2017

“I want you to go to Israel……for one day!”

I definitely heard Him say that, when I was just two weeks away from flying to Tanzania for a months ministry. The idea was both exciting and yet ridiculous….so uneconomical and anyway I had a programme in Tanzania to fulfill which had already been arranged.  But then I remembered God’s admonition to Isaiah to strip naked and live like that prophesying, for a full three years. I realised I had been let off lightly and Israel….well who would love to go to Israel if only for one whole day.

Again I heard the Lord say…” I have some prophetic action for you to do both in Jerusalem and in Jaffa in Tel Aviv. Take your shofar and blow in both cities. In Jerusalem at a ‘high place that I will show you’ and under the Jaffa Clock Tower in Tel Aviv before you fly back to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, to finish your assignment there. Make prophetic declaration over the nation just as you did in Westminster London, in Naorobi Kenya, in Penang and Kaula Lumpur Malaysia and Dodoma in Tanzania. Bring alignment of the Times and Seasons of Israel with the Times and Seasons of Heaven”.

At this point my cerebral was switched off and I chose to believe. I would GO! Immediately I received a contact from a Christian brother in a foreign nation who on hearing this story offered there and then to cover the expenses of the whole assignment. When God proposes ….He provides.

So it was that I interrupted my Tanzania programme and left Dodoma a day earlier in my schedule to take the 10 hour bus ride to Dar Es Salaam Airport and fly around 10 pm on the evening of 8th October to Tel Aviv Israel arriving around 4 am on Monday 9th October 2017. I would do what Yeshua had commanded and then fly back to Dar Es Salaam overnight again on the 9th arriving back in time for the next conference planned for Dar Es Salaam on the 10th.

I was able to make arrangements in the two weeks before I left the UK to have a meeting with Tom and Kate Hess of the JHOPFAN in Jerusalem and so having arrived very early at Tel Aviv Airport I took the next airport shuttle bus to Jerusalem and made my way to where the Arab taxis parked and found one that would take me to the  House of Prayer (JHOP). We went past the Damascus gate and up towards the Mount of Olives and the Garden of Gethsemane towards Tom Hess’s house near the Jerusalem House of Prayer.

The Arab driver was so helpful but could not find our destination so I got out and made my way on foot to Tom Hess’s house only to find no one around at that time of the morning. But God had arranged everything and Tom was to pass by in his car within minutes and so arranged for the HOP warden to come and collect me. This wonderful man was a converted Arab who just loved the Lord so much and oversaw many of the day to day arrangements of the Prayer Centre…..he also is the excellent chef who provides the delicious food for the myriad of students who come regularly from all over the world. They come for training in intercession and keep the non stop prayer watches throughout each day, month and year. We soon arrived at the JHOP.                                          


A “high place that I will show you” was what Yeshua had said and as I drove up to the JHOPFAN I realised that this was indeed the very place for the building is set on the hill overlooking the Kidron Valley with the City of David to its right and the hills in front and to the left, stretching out all the way to the Dead Sea. At the very top of the building is the Prayer Tower where the intercession and the watches take place. This was the perfect place to do what He had commanded me to do.

It was then that I also realised that I actually was in Jerusalem for the Feast of Tabernacles, the Feast that all followers of the YHWH and His Messiah are commanded to observe in Jerusalem….. Zech 14 v 16. This was an unexpected joy to me. Although I wouldn’t see the march through Jerusalem which would take place few days later of thousands of Christians marching from many many nations marching in support of Israel….it was a great delight to me to realise that I was actually in Jerusalem at this Feast.

I spent the morning with Kate at JHOP who has just released her book called The Warrior Bride ….yes we had so much in common and enjoyed sharing similar journeys and revelations…. and I spent some of the afternoon with Tom. I had a chance to sit in on one of his seminars on Intercession. It was great and I was blessed.

I then went up to the Prayer Tower to join the late afternoon Prayer Watch to do what I had come for. It was a wonderful moment and the leader and those at the watch graciously asked me to share what I had come for and the circumstances leading up to being there that day. They whole heartedly embrace both myself and the Prophetic Action that then took place. I was so encouraged.

Having done that, within the hour I was on the road travelling back towards Jaffa in old Tel Aviv where I had arranged to meet some of the shofar players from Malaysia (where I had been a few months previously) and shofar players from other nation, all of whom had come to Jerusalem for the Convocation and the Feast of Tabernacles. Despite the challenges of meeting each other we met at the Jaffa Clock Tower on time and blow the shofar and made our prophetic declarations regarding the times and seasons.



This was an historic occasion since this year 2017 marked the centenary anniversary of the signing of the Balfour Agreement which the British had brokered but which had not completely followed through. I needed to repent of any default on behalf of the British Government first before we could celebrate and prophesy. This I did publicly. It was also the 500th Anniversary of the beginnings of the Reformation and the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem in 1967. …and much more.

The Lord had said that at this assignment there was to be members of the British nation, the Jewish nation and those nations from the Golden Gate sector of the World Prayer Watch like Malaysia. We had present two Jewish Christian brothers from Jerusalem and several other nations from this sector represented. About twenty of us had assembled at the Clock Tower most with shofars.

It was an awesome sound as the shofars blew out their haunting sound and then we prophesied and called upon Israel and warned her not to miss ‘this day of her  visitation’ as she did when Messiah first came but to heed the hour.

Big Ben referred to in this next video clip is the famous clock Tower in London UK from which the nations of the world get their time. Big Ben itself is regulated from the Greewich Observatory in Greenwich London England. The worlds time is set by this Observatory and Big Bens is the first clock to regiater that time. From there all nations time is set ….as Greewich Meantime +1 or +2 or +3 and -1 or -2 or -3. etc. We first declared the Time and Season of the Bride below Big Ben on Westminster Bridge London in Nov 2016 by blowing the shofar and prophesying as the Lord led us to do. From that day on we have been led to do the same in many other nations.

Having done this I bade everyone goodbye, with a slight feeling of sorrow in my heart, and headed off for the airport and back to Tanzania.

Report of the Intercessors for Kenya Conference: February 2017 ‘Awakening the Bride’

‘Mission accomplished’ was what we both heard as we took off from Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta airport on Sunday Feb 26th 2017. Both Mike Pike and I were not particularly looking forward to the 28 hour journey home from Kenya to our homes in Cornwall, England but that was nothing to endure compared to the joy of seeing the one hundred plus Kenyan strategic leaders joyfully embracing the message we had brought from the Lord that this was the time and season for the Bride of Kenya to awaken and prepare Herself for the coming of the Bridegroom King. Then to join together in crying out in one heart and soul….Come Lord Jesus Come!

God’s hand was clearly upon this conference right from the initial introductory meeting we had had with the ‘gatekeepers’ of the nation of Kenya several months earlier. It was held at a hotel in the city of Nairobi called Hadasseh (Esther’s Jewish name – Esther was the interceding Bride) chosen quite arbitrarily and this as well as their final choice of venue for the conference in a church hall in the city called McBride’s Hall demonstrated the Lords affirmation for the plans made.

So it was that this Network called the Intercessors for Kenya had asked us to bring the message of the Bride – our true and end time identity to a conference of key leaders from the Church of Kenya.


Day 1 and 2 of the Conference

We met together with the delegates who had come to Nairobi for the conference from many regions of Kenya and several other nations, under the leadership of intercessor Rev Phoebe Mugo and her team. We gathered together at 8.30 am each morning for two and a half days, from Thursday 23rd to 25th February sharing the revelations that God so graciously had downloaded to Mike and myself over the past few years about the Bride of Christ and their centrality to God purposes for today.

We began the conference by laying a scriptural rationale for the bride being the central theme of the bible and set that against 1) Gods eternal purpose for His creation and 2) the history of the mortal Church. We wanted to show how God moves in times and seasons and we encouraged everyone to see how important it was to understand the times and season that we were living in presently, in order for them to arrive at the understanding that we had entered the Season of the Bride and the One New Man. Now was the time to ‘make ourselves ready’ for the coming of the Bridegroom King and because God in His grace had restored the fivefold ministry and the Holy Spirits Baptism of Power back to the Church, we could now become mature and without ‘spot or blemish’.

Mike gave us wonderful insights into the journey that the Bride must make as she prepares herself and that will include often a wilderness experience of testing just as Jesus himself was tested. The Bride is like the moon is to the sun. Her glory is a mere reflection of His but she can only reflect Him as She positions Herself in alignment with Him. She must experience too those things that He endured. She must become more and more intimate with Her lover, Her Bridegroom as this is always the key.


Howard’s task was to lay the foundations of Understanding the Times and Seasons and share about the necessity for unity, for there is only one Bride. Jesus does not have a harem. Both shared about the various woman in the bible who give us types of the Bride both in terms of character and function.

Mike painted a picture of the Glorious Bride…..A wonderful session.

Howard then charged the Church/Bride to ‘Come out of Babylon’ showing how like the Jews of old we the Church had been in Babylon too long and had compromised the Kingdom of God trading it for another. Leaving our worldly (Babylonian) ambitions behind and laying down our worldly methods and schemes, we are challenged to go on a journey ‘towards Jerusalem’, to rebuild the city as it were. This city is the Body of Christ, the Church Bride and a reflection of that city which one day will be seen “coming down out of heaven dressed like a Bride”.

At one point in the Conference we had the joy of commissioning Benson Nyamgor, one of the Network Leaders and his dear wife, for ministry to the Body. It was a great privilege.


At another time we had the great privilege of praying for all the Pastors who were attending the Conference.

The Final day of the Conference

It was wonderful to witness how on the last day, the Holy Spirit brought the conference to the place of readiness when we could call Come Lord Jesus!…. a cry that only the Bride can cry, for it is “the Spirit and the Bride” alone that can cry Come!

We were crying out to the Holy Spirit both to Come and make us ready, and to others to drink of the waters of life ….to those who are thirsty ….and to the Lord Jesus to Come for us …His precious Bride. In fact we had come to understand that in the very act of crying Come we were receiving the anointing necessary to ‘Make us ready’ and were shifting our position and aligning ourselves with the heart of the Father.. We were indeed beginning to get dressed and Jesus was beginning to be ‘released from heaven’ to collect His Bride and to take Her to the Wedding of the Lamb.

What a joyful response from all the delegates at the conference. What a cry of “Come” rang out quite spontaneously with shouts of faith and prophetic declarations voiced into the spiritual realm. The worship band picked up the rhythm and the beat of the drums could be heard inviting us all to march to the words Come Lord Jesus! The Warrior Bride was standing up….standing up in Kenya and She was beginning to march and cry as one.

Gently the sound of “Come Lord Jesus! Come Lord Jesus! Come! Come! Come! was being sung all over the auditorium. It was like a mighty army. It grew in sound and rhythm. Some were swinging their arm in time to the drum beat, the march and the song. But God the Father and the Son it seems was also singing over us, the Songs of the Bridegroom as the Bride was singing the Songs of the Bride. IT WAS AWESOME!

And so….having hoped for and dreamed about the whole conference assembly crying Come, we saw it happening. The Call2Come had happened! And it happened first in Kenya.

Sunday Preaching

The next day we were invited to preach at City Revival Centre, Nairobi and we both shared a Word after which in the afternoon we spoke to the ladies meeting and ministered in prayer to them. God moved in much power and healed, anointed and empowered many. There was such an impartation of His Spirit. The air was thick with His presence. This is a strategic Church and we are looking forward to working more closely with them.

Prophetic Action

Then in the late afternoon we went into the centre of Nairobi to Government House and the clock tower that stands beside it and like we were privileged to do beneath Big Ben, the famous clock in London Westminster some months earlier, and which is the clock that regulates the time around the world, we blew the shofar and declared that this was the Season of the Bride for Kenya. It was a powerful moment.


Outside these building were some large trees that had had some of its branches cut off and yet was sprouting new life. The ground beneath the tree around the protruding roots was red like blood and it was what Mike had seen in a mind picture previously. Kenya is a well-watered garden and new life within her boundaries was sprouting. The blood shed upon Her soil in times past which even now cried out to the Lord, was being cleansed by the shed blood of Jesus. Mike made a cross of some wood he found as he had seen in his vision and laid it beneath the tree on the red soil as we prayed and prophesied and blew the shofar. It was another special moment!

With this accomplished our work was done and we returned to collect our cases and headed for the airport……..home to England. It was then that we heard…’Mission Complete!’



Call2Come ministers in Northern Italy in June 2016 and April 22nd to 29th 2017

We had the privilege of first meeting Call2Come National Representative for Italy, Justin and Rukshan Khan, when they came with their whole family as delegates at our first World Congress held in Ashburnham Place Christian Conference Centre Sussex England in 2013.

Justin and his family had arrived in Italy some years earlier from Pakistan and had heard about the Congress and had made the journey across Europe to join us at this event. They have subsequently planted a church in Vipiteno in northern Italy and our first visit to them was to dedicate the new church and ordain both Justin and Rukshan as their Pastors.

The Naming of the Church

The Ordination                                             The certificates of Ordination


Italy is an amazing beautiful country and here are a few friends we made during a rare free moment of leisure as we went on a mountain walk one free afternoon


We also had the joy of baptising a group of believers in an icy fresh water mountain river against the background of the beautiful Italian Alps.



This last year 2017 we were able to return for the first anniversary and to celebrate it with the cutting of an anniversary cake.

The Celebration Party

The Call2Come conference

This celebratory event was followed by a three day Call2Come conference entitled ‘Awakening the Bride’. After the sessions we were able to minister to the people.


The Lord was at work healing the sick, delivering others from oppression and depression and many were baptised in His Holy Spirit. We really sensed His presence and His pleasure at the openness of these lovely believers and they received everything He had to give.

The Bridal message was well received and we have been asked to return soon to hold a similar event in several other networked churches that Pastor Rukshan and Justin are connected to in Italy.