I have, for several years now, served as national representative for Togo for the various previous ministries that have been overseen by Michael Pike (Apostle) and Howard Barnes (Apostle), the Co-directors of the ministry called The Call2Come. I am also the National Representative for the BFTF International network, based in Australia.
Iam married to (Mrs) Julienne Delali Awity and both of us are the Senior Pastors of the Good News Assembly Intn’l Churches in Togo. I am also the President of a Christian Movement known as VCIMH which seeks to give hope and to restore destiny to the less privileged such as the street children, the motherless and the widows living here in Togo. I am also a passionate missionary and international revivalist and this has taken me to many nations around the world.
I have studied with several theological institutions such as WAAST – Lome, Togo, LICC- London UK, MTI – Glorywood Seminar, SDN EHD, Malaysia and the Haggai Institute. I am privileged to serve as a member of the international team for this end time ministry (The Call2Come) which seeks to prepare His people for the return of the Lord Jesus, the Bridegroom King and in particular to seek to prepare the Church of Togo and West Africa to be ready for His coming.