Call2Come ministers in Northern Italy in June 2016 and April 22nd to 29th 2017

We had the privilege of first meeting Call2Come National Representative for Italy, Justin and Rukshan Khan, when they came with their whole family as delegates at our first World Congress held in Ashburnham Place Christian Conference Centre Sussex England in 2013.

Justin and his family had arrived in Italy some years earlier from Pakistan and had heard about the Congress and had made the journey across Europe to join us at this event. They have subsequently planted a church in Vipiteno in northern Italy and our first visit to them was to dedicate the new church and ordain both Justin and Rukshan as their Pastors.

The Naming of the Church

The Ordination                                             The certificates of Ordination

Italy is an amazing beautiful country and here are a few friends we made during a rare free moment of leisure as we went on a mountain walk one free afternoon

We also had the joy of baptising a group of believers in an icy fresh water mountain river against the background of the beautiful Italian Alps.

This last year 2017 we were able to return for the first anniversary and to celebrate it with the cutting of an anniversary cake.

The Celebration Party

The Call2Come conference

This celebratory event was followed by a three day Call2Come conference entitled ‘Awakening the Bride’. After the sessions we were able to minister to the people.

The Lord was at work healing the sick, delivering others from oppression and depression and many were baptised in His Holy Spirit. We really sensed His presence and His pleasure at the openness of these lovely believers and they received everything He had to give.

The Bridal message was well received and we have been asked to return soon to hold a similar event in several other networked churches that Pastor Rukshan and Justin are connected to in Italy.


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About the author: Dr Howard Barnes

Howard Barnes was born in England in 1944 to Salvation Army pastor parents. After secondary education he went to university and studied Theology and subsequently become a Secondary School teacher and served in several London schools as the Head of Divinity. During these years he also was a youth leader and then served as a pastor of a local church in Cornwall, England. In 2003 he retired from teaching, after 37 years’ service, to take up a position as director of an evangelistic ministry called Harvest for Christ but in 2008 he became Co-director of Time Out Mission International and more recently director of The Body and the Bride Network Ministry International (UK). These last two ministries which he co-directed with his close friend and ministry colleague, Michael Pike (Apostle), were deeply passionate about two things. 1) to see the worldwide Church discover the meaning of real unity and so fulfill the prayer of Jesus in Jn 17 v 21 and 23 ….“that they may be One even as we are One” and 2) to understand and embrace its end-time identity as the precious Bride of Christ and to prepare her for the coming Bridegroom King. These experiences have paved the way for the creation of this new ministry called The Call2Come which, while still holding to these emphasis, calls the Church to prepare Herself as His precious Bride and so position Herself to cry the prayer that only the Bride can¬ pray. It is only the “Spirit and the Bride” that can cry Come. Howard has received two honorary doctorates in recognition of his mission and reconciliation/peace work in over 70 nations around the world. He is also an official representative for Foundations for Biblical Farming (FFF) which comes out of Zimbabwe, Africa and for the World Prayer Assembly (WPA). He is a regular speaker at international church conferences and operates under an apostolic mantel. He has been married to Tricia for 50 years who was herself a music teacher, and they have two lovely married children and four beautiful grandchildren. He is both a musician and a gifted artist.



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