I am Joan Bosman and am a missionary /evangelist from South Africa. I am married  to Pastor Robert Bosman retired and we minister together. We have four children and twelve grandchildren and six great grand children.
When I was 15yrs old a great revivalist came to my town and I got radically saved. I have been preaching this gospel ever since. I started to talk about Jesus testifying on street corners in hospitals and schools telling people about Jesus. The Principal  of my school threatened to expel me if I didn’t stop preaching either in school or in the streets so ,I had to choose Jesus or my education. Soon after I was baptized by immersion he called me to the school assembly and said he was making an example  of me and expelled me. I had to leave and go home and find work. I started preaching in my home town and in the villages but God was with me and baptised me in the Holy Spirit. I ministered in my country’s South Africa for 35yrs and then God called me out as a missionary/evangelist. He gave me a heart and burden for the continent of  Africa and doors began to open for me to do missions and evangelize in many countries. I have been privileged to minister in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Namibia, Madagascar and the UK.
In 2014 God spoke to me to leave my country and to live in East Africa. My husband and I are now in our 3rd year of this new season of ministry using Uganda as our base and are working in partnership with Rev Dr Medad Birungi and his wife Connie who are the founders and directors of World Shine Ministries.
But most recently we had the joy of meeting Howard Barnes and Michael Pike founders and co-directors of the Call2Come ministry which seeks to unite and prepare the Church as the Bride of Christ and position Her to cry ‘Maranatha….Come Lord Jesus’. Immediately my spirit agreed with theirs, for this is indeed the Season of the Bride,
I am now delighted to be a part of this ministry’s International Team and look forward to ministering together with them in the years ahead.