Dr Rev Medad Birungi is an ordained minister of the Anglican Church of Uganda who founded World Shine Ministries in the year 2000. He is married to Connie Birungi and both have a deep burden to share the love of Jesus Christ in word and deed.
Growing up in a polygamous family of two stepmothers, 26 girls and six boys, there was often envy, competition, hatred, alcoholism, domestic violence, starvation and witchcraft. When he was young his life was traumatised and he attempted suicide nine times. He hated his father and wanted to kill him but God had a hand on his life and one day as the Youth Alive students from St. Francis Church gathered at his school for preaching Medad forgave his father and gave his life to Jesus. Now a born-again Christian, his grades and behaviour improved considerably. He started preaching forgiveness and reconciliation. Later he was baptised in the Holy Spirit moving powerfully in the gifts of the Spirit and eventually became an Anglican priest.
In 2000 Rev Medad and Connie Birungi founded Swallow Evangelistic Revival Ministries, with a burden of sharing the love of Jesus Christ in word and deed to restore hope to the hopeless transforming communities from sin, poverty, injustice, abuse, ignorance, illiteracy and disease. It now is known as World Shine Ministries.
WSM desires to reveal the truth of God’s unconditional love through Jesus Christ to the people. It exists to raise Godly men and women to lead Uganda and influence the nations for Christ. However more recently Rev Birungi has come to realise that in these end times God is doing something new and revealing some of the ‘Mysteries’ that have been hidden until such a time as this. If men and women are to become Godly and lead the nations into their destiny then we as the Church are to align ourselves with the seasons of God and that means to lead the Church to embrace Her Bridal identity.  To that effect Rev Medad has become part of the Call2Come and serves as a member of the International Ministry Team.