Dr Mike Pike

Mike was saved at an early age and called to be a missionary at just ten years old, Mike has spent his life on mission both at home in the UK and in many other countries. He is married to Jo and together they have raised five children and now live in Cornwall, S W England. His life has been an outworking of this deep sense of calling, and he has a broad depth of knowledge and experience across many areas of both spiritual and secular fields. From inner city mission, church planting, leadership development, preaching and teaching, to accountancy, business development, consultation and strategic planning. He is a gifted artist and a songwriter/musician. 

In 2008 his life changed dramatically. It was on Valentine’s Day 2008 during a season of seeking the Lord, that Mike received the mandate that was to become his life’s message: to pioneer a new wineskin of Church based on intimacy with Jesus and it was a call to prepare the Bride of Christ for the coming again of the Bridegrooms King.  

It was at this time, that he met Howard Barnes (Apostle), and Mike always says of that first encounter, “I knew in my spirit instantly what my mind took later to understand” meaning he knew immediately that the Lord had brought them both together. 

So for the past ten years, he has been teaching, preaching on the Second Coming, developing relationships and serving the church in different nations, with the ultimate intention to see the Bride awakened and prepared for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. Dr Mike has been recognised for his understanding of Eschatology and has been awarded an honorary Doctorate in Theology for his research and understanding.  

There are many facets to this subject and his teaching is extensive covering areas about the Kingdom, Covenant and the Land, Bridal Eschatology, Restoration, Israel, Geographical Church, Babylon, the Economy of God and of course the Bride. But above all, Mike’s primary message and mandate is the Call to Come message. He believes there are songs that only the Bride can sing, and prayers that only the Bride can pray and a cry that only the Spirit and the Bride can cry. His vision is for the Bride to come together, so that at one place and time, she will call upon Her lover and Kinsman Redeemer, the Lord Jesus, both in song and in prayer and ask Him to “Come”. 

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