A Prophetic Visit to Egypt

For some time we have felt the need to go to Egypt, and more and more are understanding the central strategic role that this unique and beautiful nation has in the days to come. We believe Egypt is one of the “seven shofar nations” that are to blow the shofar (meaning to herald and sound the alarm for the coming day of the Lord). And so we were excited to be able to visit Egypt from 22 March 2019 – 1 April 2019. The role that Egypt has cannot be understanding, as a nation she has always been significant in the outworking of God’s Eternal purpose, and prophetically there is much written about her. She is like no other nation, and has a unique and important role in the Middle East. In fact, the Lord had been speaking to me prophetically in dreams and visions about Egypt the moment I arrived back from our mission to Cuba in December 2018. To see the Prophecy for Egypt click here. And so Dr Howard and I were very conscious of entering into a this remarkable nation with a mandate from the Lord.

We stayed for the duration of our visit in Giza, Cairo. A dear pastor had arranged an itinerary for us amongst numerous churches in the city, and the Lord blessed wonderfully the ministry of His Word, as we taught on the Bride and our need to be ready for the Bridegroom’s return. But of great significance was how the Lord connected us with some key prophetic and intercessory leaders with the nation. They were so welcoming and took great care of us. We spent some wonderful times of prayer and also shared the prophetic word for Egypt with them which was received with great joy.

One of the words that the Lord had given before we travelled to Egypt was to “proclaim in Giza that I AM the Resurrection and the Life”. This mandate was to be fulfilled powerfully when we visited the Great Pyramid of Giza. It was a God-ordained moment together, as Dr Howard and I, together with the team of prophets and intercessors gained access right into the heart of the Great Pyramid, and for a period of around fifteen minutes we were alone with no others present. So we broke out into a spontaneous time of worship and prophetic declaration, and were amazed by the manifestation of unusual “dancing lights” that we felt was representative of angels who were amongst us.

Overall, it was a wonderful time, and a beginning of new things for the nation, with every intention to continue to build relationships with the expectation of a return in the near future.

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