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The Call 2 Come vision is that the Bride around the world will cry “Come” as in Rev 22:17. But we believe there is much to be done before that final moment of the ultimate agreement between Heaven and Earth, when the Spirit and the Bride will say “Come”. We have been teaching and proclaiming this message for many years in different parts of the world. These formative years were laying a foundation and putting things in place for the proclamation of this message. But from January 2018 there is a major shift and development in this movement. When for the first time, we will be launching the Call 2 Come Training School,

Our hope is that through the Call 2 Come Training School, we are able to reach as many people as possible, in as many cultures, regions and nations. This will take some time, and requires raising a new generation of leaders, who will be equipped, anointed and appointed to proclaim this message around the world.

Live Streaming

Because Call 2 Come is a movement it has a presence at different levels in many nations, ranging from church and ministry leaders in the city to the farmer in the village. It is important to us that as much as possible,  we are accessible to all regardless of social standing, title or position. By using the internet as a teaching platform we believe it offers a very versatile and accessible means for people to receive the Call 2 Come teaching, training and latest developments. All that is required for someone who is interested in receiving this teaching is for access to the internet. There are many ways that could happen, at the very simplest level anyone with a phone that has internet, can simply attend the Training School from their own home, or could invite friends over as well to make it a weekly bible study. For the church or ministry leader, it is possible if they have access to facilities (e.g. laptop with internet connected to a projector), to organise a regional training school in their church, and we will stream live teaching directly to their church or ministry members.


Until now we have never accredited anyone to teach on behalf of Call 2 Come. We have always guarded, and rightly so, the message the Lord has given us. Although it has always been our understanding and vision that for this mandate to be fulfilled and the Bride around the world to be awaken to cry “Come” that the Lord would add those who have an “apostolic” anointing, and able to “impart” the essence of the Bridal message. For ultimately, the Bridal message is not cerebral or only a matter of learning (the church already knows the bride of scripture) but is a matter of transformation of the heart that comes through impartation. That’s one of the things we look for in those the Lords connects us with. A question we continually ask ourselves about someone is: “Has this person been impacted by the Bridal message, and are they able to impart the  Bridal message to others?”

That’s why, we are now looking to mentor, equip and authorise others to represent Call 2 Come as part of a growing international team. As from 2018, any existing team member as well as the opportunity for new team members to be appointed, will be required to attend the Training School foundation course. The upon completion of the course there will be an interview and practical exercise exam, to give the student the opportunity to demonstrate 1) their understanding of the core principles the foundation course teaches and 2) the ability to teach and impart these principles to others.

Once someone has been accredited by Call 2 Come, they will be authorised to teach on behalf of the movement the course materials themselves to all those the Lord has called them to reach. They will then be  provided the training materials they need to run their own Call 2 Come Training Centre. This concept of accreditation is a simple but powerful one, and enables the Call 2 Come movement to truly expand as a movement, by empowering indigenous men and women to reach their villages, towns and nations with this end time message.

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About the author: Dr Mike Pike

Live with my wife Jo in Cornwall UK, together we have raised five children and have served the Lord for over thirty years within the UK and in many other nations. My passion is for the coming of Jesus the Bridegroom King, and I long to see the Bride call upon Him to come.



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