Welcome to the Call2Come website. Our hope is to communicate our passion for the Bride and the longing to see Jesus return as the Bridegroom King. There is an urgency upon the times in which we are now living, yet an Eternal Purpose remains true and unaffected. The Lord is in control, and leading us somewhere beautiful, to those who have ears to hear, may we hear what the Spirit is saying to the Churches."
The Lord is in control, and leading us somewhere beautiful, to those who have ears to hear, may we hear what the Spirit is saying to the Churches."

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The Book of Revelation

The Book of Revelation is a fascinating and significant end time prophecy that has been debated for two thousand years, but in it's pages contains the most glorious and beautiful of all God's creation that is finally completed at the end of human history - The Bride of Christ. Picture of a Crown

About Us
Call2Come is a movement in a growing number of nations around the world that is primarily focussed on the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the implications and application of this "blessed hope" for the church today. A key part of our mandate is that the Bride of Christ must "make herself ready". This preparation is both inward and individual for each believer to grow in their love and intimacy with Jesus Christ, but is also outward and corporate.

This is our vision: that in regions and nations the Bride of Christ will gather together in times of worship and prayer, to pour out her heart in purity of longing, repentance and proclamation, and ask Jesus to Come.

Our Team
There are many people involved with Call2Come in Europe, Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Central and South America who each contribute to make Call2Come what it is today. But in particular, overseeing the movement, are our founders who began working together on the mission field in 2009 and continue to lead the movement today.

Dr Mike Pike Mike Pike
Saved at an early age, and called to be a missionary at just ten years old, Mike has spent his life on mission both at home in the UK and in many other countries. He is married to Jo and together they have raised five children and now live in Cornwall. His life has been an outworking of this deep sense of calling, and he has a broad depth of knowledge and experience across many areas of both spiritual and secular fields.
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Dr Howard Barnes Howard Barnes
Howard was born in England in 1944 to Salvation Army pastor parents. After secondary education he went to university and studied Theology and subsequently become a Secondary School teacher and served in several London schools as the Head of Divinity. In 2003, he retired after teaching for 37 years, to fulfil his apostolic calling to awaken ’and prepare the Bride.
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Bible What We Believe

The Bride of Christ has an urgent mandate that only she can fulfill: to make a way for her Bridegroom King, by preparing a highway of holiness for His return, straight paths of righteousness upon which the King of Kings will return.

The Bride of Christ must fulfill her mandate and calling before the great day of the Lord. There is work that only she can do, and prayers that only she can pray.

The Bride of Christ is a warrior bride! She stands in the nations of the world as a royal princess and she wields in her hand the sceptre of the King. She is His glory upon the earth, and is so breathtakingly beautiful that she has many enemies intent on her demise. But she is not weak, she is very strong. For she is in Christ, and the corporate expression of oneness in the church.

The Bride of Christ is planted in the land to effect national transformation and healing. She is an intercessor, the One "called by His Name" to pray for healing of the nations 2 Chr 7:14.

The Bride of Christ has each anointing of the five-fold office. She is an apostle, a prophet, an evangelist, a pastor and a teacher, because she is just like Jesus who was all of these and more, and therefore the Bride is the perfectly complete and compatible "wife of the Lamb".

We believe there is an outpouring of the Holy Spirit that the church has not yet experienced, in fact it is one that is reserved only for the Bride of Christ. It will not be released by asking for more of the Holy Spirit, or for another outpouring, or revival. No, this outpouring of the Holy Spirit to come, is one that is sent by the Bridegroom King in advance of His coming, to help the Bride of Christ get ready. The Bridegroom King will release the Counsellor, when He knows that it is the Bride who is asking, and that her desire is only for Him.

Shofar Israel
The relationship between God and Israel laid the foundation for the relationship that we can all have with God through His Son Jesus Christ. The church does not replace Israel as some may believe, but rather the gentile church has been grafted into the "Olive Tree" Israel like a wild branch. Rom 11:17. In this current dispensation there is an overlap of prophetic timelines, in which the covenant and promises by God to Israel have not yet been fully fulfilled. Until that time, there is both a place for natural Israel (for God has not finished with her yet) and the gentile church who have been brought near into the "Commonweatlh of Israel". Eph 2:11-13.

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End Times Prophecy

The Bride of Christ is awakening and arising into her mandate as a prophet(ess)

The Bride of Christ wears the mantle of a prophet(ess). A hallmark of the generation that will usher in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ will be the manifestation of the spirit of Elijah. Mal 4:5,6 John the Baptist received this anointing in his calling to "prepare the way of the Lord", and it will arise again upon the end time generation. They will be those who like Elijah and John have spent time in the wilderness alone with God in an essential preparation. The "word of their testimony" is the "testimony of Jesus" and "the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy." There is an invite for the royal Bride of Christ into the courts of Heaven, where she will hear and receive the legislation and decrees of the King, which are to be proclaimed upon the earth in acts of prophetic administration.

Prophecies received and proclaimed in nations

Recent Prophecies Proclaimed in Nations

Flag of the United Kingdom

Take Off Your Armour – Prophecy for UK Oct 21

4 Oct 2021
As I prepared to share this word with you today the Lord reminded me of the occasion (2 Kings 13:14-19) when Elisha was ill from the sickness with which...

Prophecy for the USA

31 Jan 2021
During the night I was summoned to come before the Lord to seek his counsel on behalf of America. I waited upon the Him but was fearful of what...

Flag of the United Kingdom

The Anointing of the Bride Prophecy for the UK

1 Jan 2021
During the night just before Hannukah, I received a dream that greatly disturbed me for many days. I witnessed a flying mace coming over England from the southern coast....

Flag of the United Kingdom

The Tent Peg Prophecy for the UK

9 Nov 2020
As I sought the Lord for the UK, I was shown in the Spirit the nature of the battle which is currently unfolding on both sides of the Atlantic....

Finland flag

Prophecy for Finland

23 Jan 2020
Received by Mike Pike of Call2Come 23 January 2020 In a dream I saw a large salmon swimming against the current of a fast flowing river. And as I...

Liberia Flag

Prophecy for Liberia

6 Dec 2019
Received by Mike Pike of Call2Come 6th December 2019 For several days I sought the Lord for understanding about the visions I had seen concerning Liberia. The first vision...

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Quick Bites

One of the impacts of the Coronavirus is a real shaking of the foundations of our faith. Jesus himself taught us that there would be storms in which the foundations of the house would be tested. The house on the sand fell flat, whilst the house built on the rock stood firm. In this day and age, where there is so much being published, broadcast and promoted, it's really important to know whether what you are listening to you or believing in is supported and taught within the scriptures. People are asking all kinds of questions, especially about the Bride and about the end times. Well, that's why Quick Bites is here to help. By providing a daily quick teaching in video format to answer some of the questions you may be asking, and perhaps those that you haven't.

Recent Quick Bites

QB60 The 144,000 (Part5)

27 Sep 2021
Today we will not only conclude this mini-series on the 144,000 but also volume one of “The Gospel According To The Bride”. Last time I shared the need for...

QB59 The 144,000 (Part4)

26 Sep 2021
We are coming to the end of our journey through scripture following the footsteps of the Bridegroom and the Bride. This has been their story and throughout all these...

Quick Bites

QB58 The 144,000 (Part3)

27 Oct 2020
In our study so far of the 144,000 we have set out a framework of good biblical exegesis to provide a means by which we might make our conclusions...

Bible and Highlighter

QB57 The 144,000 (Part2)

20 Oct 2020
Today I will lay out some principles of good biblical exegesis that we will need if we are to comprehend and interpret the mystery of the 144,000. These principles...

The Bride of Jesus in Scripture

QB56 The 144,000

15 Oct 2020
Well, what a journey we have been on through this series of Quick Bites, exploring many difficult and sometimes controversial topics relating to the end-times, and one of the...

Quick Bites

QB55 – The Second Exodus (Part 9)

11 Aug 2020
The Bride will be prepared in the wilderness. It is here that we are able to make our final wedding preparations. The wilderness is not a place of suffering...

Quick Bites

QB54 The Second Exodus (Part 8)

10 Aug 2020
In this series, we have covered a lot of ground and some really difficult prophetic passages. I’ve chosen just a selection of verses available to piece together enough of...

Quick Bites

QB53 The Second Exodus (Part 7)

5 Aug 2020
Hi everybody and welcome back for part 7 in this series ‘The Second Exodus’. If you’ve just joined us, and not watched parts 1 to 6, then it’s good...

Quick Bites

QB52 The Second Exodus (Part 6)

4 Aug 2020
Trying to locate where the gathering of Israel will be on the Day of the Lord is notoriously difficult, and I will do well not to be absolute in...

Quick Bites

QB51 – The Second Exodus (Part 5)

3 Aug 2020
The gathering of Israel was prophesied many times by the Old Testament prophets, but more than this, the time of their gathering is also foretold as connected with the...


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"Your Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light for my path" Ps 119:105

From Genesis to Revelation the story of the Bride of Christ is there to be found. Even the very last prayer in all of scripture is one prayed by the Bride calling upon her Beloved to "Come". The church knows the biblical concept of the Bride of Christ, but she is more than a doctrine, she is a person, she is who we are in our utlimate and highest identity, the most beautiful of all God's creation, with an almost unimaginable destiny: to become "one" with Him, as in a marriage relationship.

Having doctrine alone without a "blueprint" is not enough. The Bridal Paradigm is that blueprint! A lens through which we can view all scripture and see the Eternal Purpose of God on full display. John the Baptist first saw Jesus as "the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world", and that is how we must all first see Jesus, as our Saviour. But John later testifies to Jesus as not only Saviour, but also the Bridegroom John 3:29. This is the journey we must also make, to go beyond the threshold of Salvation into the depths of Betrothal.

Available here are numerous teaching resources we pray will illuminate your path and help you to make that journey in understanding Jesus as the Bridegroom King, who will one day soon return for His Bride.

Howard's Latest Teaching

Israel Flag

The One New Man: Studies from the Book of Ruth

1 Nov 2019
The book of Ruth is for many reasons a beautiful book. It’s a story about great loyalty and commitment, of dedication and selflessness and devotion, a compassionate love story but of course above all it appears to be written specifically for the nation Israel so that they could see the lineage of David as coming through Ruth and Boaz.However there is even yet a deeper spiritual significance within this story. Not only does it point out the Davidic lineage as through Boaz but points to the fact that God always intended that the blessing He had covenanted to the...

Mike's Latest Teaching

Answering the Question: Since God created both male and female in Genesis 1:27 and blessed them, how is it that Adam is alone in Genesis 2:18?

4 Feb 2021
As we shall see later, the answer to this question results in a very important point regarding the relationship between Jesus and His Bride. But first of all we need to take a closer look at the Creation account as given in Genesis 1 and 2 to understand the dilemma. Day 1 (Gen 1:3-5) – The creation of light and its separation from darkness so that there was day and night. Day 2 (Gen 1:6-8) – The division of waters above and beneath the “firmament” (most easily understood as the sky, expanse or heavens above the earth). Day 3...

Teaching Series

The Bride in the Wilderness The Glorious Bride The Gospel According to the Bride

Training School

The training school is core to our overall global strategy. For years, wherever we have gone in the world we have always been confronted with the same question and challenge by the leaders and ministers of the nation "We need more of this teaching, how can we receive more from you?" We have listened to this cry for help and now for the first time, we have developed the live streaming training school using todays internet technology to reach as many people as possible and to provide ongoing support and training. We are committed to equip a new generation of leaders around the world with the mandate the Lord has given us to proclaim this end time message, and the training school provides the means through which this can happen.

Find Out More On Training

Training and Intercession

"All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction and for instruction in righteousness" 2 Tim 3:16

The Bride is a mighty prayer warrior. She like her bridegroom must ever be making intercession, birthing as a midwife through her prayers both the prophetic word spoken and the purposes and plans of God. We are delighted to introduce to you our close friend fellow labourer, the Rev Phoebe Mugo from Kenya, Africa. Phoebe is a leading Intercessor in Kenya with a calling and passion to raise an army of Intercessors in her own nation and throughout Africa. She is the director of I4K (Intercessors for Kenya) and helps play a leading role in the work of Call2Come in Africa. Rev Phoebe has just released a series of teachings about Intercession and being an Intercessor and we are so blessed to bring these to you here, and trust they will be a real inspiration and encouragement to you.

Mission Reports

Latest mission reports from around the world.

The work we do, whether in public or secret, is all towards the vision of the Bride of Christ calling upon the Lord for Him to Come. Not everything is shared here, but particularly we would like to promote the following events and itinerary engagements. If you have any questions about our schedule, or would like to communicate with us about hosting an event, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Latest Mission

Finland flag

The Mission to Finland Jan 23rd -28th 2020

23 Jan 2020
The visit to Finland was another one of those ‘Nehemiah’ missions….a chance to spy out the spiritual situation in the nation….a chance to visit and to seek the Lord with some of the prophetic and key intercessory voices in the land, as to whether this was the time and season to bring the message of the Bride and One New Man to the Church in Finland. For several months we had been discussing with Apostle Seppo and Prophetess Jasmin and others from city Church, Helsinki about this issue believing that Finland was a gateway nation to the Nordic Countries and Europe and although we were invited to hold a conference there we felt it best to simply meet with the leaders for a long weekend and to listen to them and to the Lord, to discern the ‘Time and Season’ in the Lord’s programme for such a message to be released to them. The fight from Gatwick, London via Munich was brief compared to many of our flights and we were warmly met by Jasmin at the airport rather late at night and taken to our accommodation. The message we carry is an End Time message about the Church...



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