Prophecy for Togo

Prophecy for Togo
Received  by Mike Pike

March 2018

As I was praying for Togo, I saw that there had been a deep wounding upon the land. A tearing apart that had caused much harm. I saw a schism like a separation of land some to the east and some to the west. And that which remained was made lower so that it was overshadowed by the East and west. And I asked the Lord what does this mean, and He said I have kept hidden for myself the land of Togo, I have planted a root in her but have destined that her glory awaits an appointed time. In the secret place I have fashioned and formed her, in the Wilderness I have prepared and destined her. Though she is lower now she will soon arise and though she is sleeping now, she will soon awake. She will hear many voices, and great influence will bear down upon her, to seduce her with flattery and silk from the woman rising in the East but her destiny is in my hands, and though she is small in the eyes of men, she will be great in the days to come. She has been overshadowed by her sisters, and has felt of no worth or value because she has not yet seen or understood what I the Lord have prepared for her, and what I say about her. For she is not small in my eyes, but she is to me a precious jewel in my hand. I declare that she will not be the last, but she will arise with governance and with authority will lead her sisters.

Togo awake and hear the voice of the Lord. Know Him who is your Husband and is calling to you, for the lamp of the Lord has not yet gone out within your borders. The Lord says I have preserved a remnant and kept hidden my prophets and watchmen upon your walls. Do not compare yourself to another, for you are unique and special in my eyes, you are not like any other. Do not envy any other for I the Lord am your Maker. Do not be hooked by the schemes of men, or caught in alliances which I have not ordained. Do not take another lover as your husband, but if you will come before me, I will not turn you away, if you seek my face with clean hands and a pure heart I will reveal myself to you. If you lay down at my feet, I will redeem you and with my glory I will overshadow you, then you will know that I am the Lord your Husband.

For in the days to come, you shall be a blessing to your sisters, through you shall come reconciliation and the light that is in you shall become a waymarker for other nations. Embrace who you are and rejoice in the Lord, for your time is coming and is now here when I will perform these things. Do not mourn the past but rejoice in the future that I have prepared for you. Repair the breech in your walls, raise a standard, blow the trumpet. Align yourself fully with what I say, for you have not yet seen with your eyes what I the Lord will do among you, it will not be like anything you have seen before, but it will be a new thing. I will confound the wisdom of the wise through you, I will make those who consider themselves to be rich to be made poor in your sight.

All these things I will do if you harken to my voice, and walk in the way that I will open up before you, for I will make a way say the Lord. Behold I declare a new day, a new season of grace that will flow like a river. But do not hold onto or take for yourselves that which I will pour out but understand that I called you to be a carrier of my glory and a channel of my love. For the harm which you have suffered I will repay, and your wounds inflicted I will heal. The root which I have planted long ago, shall indeed arise and bear fruit that will be a display of my glory among you. Come to me, abide in my love, learn my ways and Be bridled to me. For I have loved you with an everlasting love. I have not abandoned you or left you alone. I the Lord am near.

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