The Tent Peg Prophecy for the UK

As I sought the Lord for the UK, I was shown in the Spirit the nature of the battle which is currently unfolding on both sides of the Atlantic. There is a masterminded delusion and counterfeit reality being propagated at this time, to act like a magician’s sleight of hand in misdirection and obfuscation which has parallels with the current coronavirus pandemic. The enemy is a master of deception, he will not reveal his hand easily, but will rather intertwine both narratives together, luring minds and attentions into the fray, playing both sides of the story, whilst all the time manoeuvring his covert plan to destabilise and polarise not just the governments around the world but the body of Christ also, if that were possible. Be wary of any propagated opinion, supposed evidence, even prophecy, and test all things by the Spirit, maintaining a position of intimacy, peace and stillness before the Lord.  He will whisper His secrets to those who will truly wait upon Him.  There is much to play out, yet the Lord remains Sovereign, He is above all things, He is the God of the impossible, but He chooses only that which adorns His Bride.  In humility and holiness, she is adorned. Yes, she has a voice, and when she speaks she will magnify the Lord. Look for the Bride, where is she? where will she be prepared? And I saw a great multitude, being herded and corralled, a relentless machination of evil imposed upon the earth, an entrapment to condition minds dulled to any perception of truth. As I enquired about this great multitude, I understood even the Elect were included, and the Lord said, “I Am the Breaker, I will breach the walls of the enemy and go before my people as their Shepherd and their King. Let him who has ears to hear, let Him hear me know, for my sheep know my voice. I Am the Good Shepherd, and though you will see to the left and the right I will call you by name and lead you out along a straight path. Position yourselves by the well, for there will be your deliverance!”

After this, I saw in the Spirit, a legislative mandate pegged into the land of this nation like a tent peg upon which a canopy had been raised. What remained was but a remnant, although the peg and mandate had not been removed. Within these shores, the Lord chose to establish the foundations of justice and righteousness, the tenets of His Kingdom, coded into the Magna Carta, and from these shores, a shadow of that which is in Heaven was transacted upon the earth. It is why the political and democratic systems of this nation have been so ravished, to discredit and mock the very foundation stone upon which this nation has stood. But though the earthly copy has been torn and trampled upon, the original in Heaven remains unblemished and is being despatched once more from Heaven. And I saw a Royal Charter being handed down from Heaven to a secret council being convened within these shores. The gifts and calling of the Lord are irrevocable: these Isles were and remain a Sovereign choice for His legislation, a touch point between heaven and earth, but not on geopolitical matters rather on the King’s business and for His Kingdom purposes to be superimposed over those nations. For the geopolitical lords will wag the church no more, as though she were a tail, but the day is coming and now is, that the Lord will establish a new council to execute His righteous decrees upon the earth. And written upon the Royal Charter were the words, Rally, Re-organise, Reinforce and Restore. And I sought the Lord for wisdom concerning the USA, and understood that though she had declared her independence from Great Britain over 200 years ago there was still a spiritual cord with which she was still tethered to Britain and that this very cord remained a lifeline and means in which Britain might advocate for her restoration in the courts of heaven.

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